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After calling Robert, my yard was thoroughly cleaned within the week and has been every week after. I am notified when they will be on my property and when they are leaving. I am very satisfied with the service they provide.

Maureen C.


Working with Robert at Doo Doo Blues has been a great experience. When I was first calling a few different pick up services, Robert was the most responsive and he was able to start service within the week. I’m happy I chose Doo Doo Blues.

Kristin S.


After I submitted an online inquiry, I was called immediately and had our first service done the next day. This company is professional, quick, and thorough! We are very happy with the service they provide and highly recommend them.

Caroline H.


Very professional, prompt and courteous. Reasonably-priced and local. Now, I don’t have to watch were I step or worry about parasites in my yard. Thank you for your excellent service!

Jessica A.


“How many times have I stepped in poo his month?”
I own 3 dogs 2 mixed breed terriers and an Old English bulldog, all over 10 years old so they have gotten lazy and like to poo near the bottom steps or close to the gates. I definitely appreciate all the work Robert and his crew do for us. Started with the Twice a month option, quickly moved to once per week. Great Job

Dylan H.


Fabulous service! I love not having poop in my yard and love it even more that I’m not the one cleaning up after my dogs. Highly recommend Robert and his team.
Ann J.


great service and very friendly now I don’t have to worry about stepping in my dogs doodoo when walking through the yard and the deodorizer really helped the yard too. Highly recommended my blues was cured!



Really good pricing and makes such a difference in the yard!

Jamie L.


What Sets Us Apart?
  • Our ability to maintain a world class relationship with our customers.
  • Our team is responsible, ethical, and has the ability to tackle any task.
  • A “no questions asked” guarantee that states if you have any issues whatsoever with your service you will receive a 100% refund.


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