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FAQs & Policies

Is this really a business?
Yes, we are fully insured, licensed, and also carry workers comp insurance.

What if it rains?
Our service team will come out in rain or snow, hot or cold. However, due to snow cover, it may be near impossible to recover all of the Doo Doo from your yard.

Only Residential?
Not at all, Doo Doo Blues also offers its first-class pet waste removal service to commercial and multi-family units as well. We are always willing to accept larger challenges.

Do my dogs need to be caged on days of service?
Absolutely not, we love pets! However, if you feel like your dog is rather aggressive or if the service team feels threatened in any way, he may not enter and the service will be rescheduled.

Is there a referral discount?
Yes. You will receive a $15 credit for every person you refer us to that uses Doo Doo Blues Pet Waste Removal Service. Talk your neighbors into signing up and we’ll give a special group rate to everyone!

How is the pet waste removal service performed?
All we ask of you is to leave your gate unlocked on the day of your scheduled service visit. Our service team will enter your yard and begin the process in a grid like fashion or until the full perimeter has been cleared. After service, the individual/service team will exit through gate, lock if needed, and return to the truck to sanitize all tools and shoes. Lastly, the service team will send you a text or leave a door hangar letting you know exactly when we leave.

Where is the waste put when finished?
Our team will not put your dog’s waste in your trash. Remember: you called us to get rid of the stuff. That’s why we haul it off for you.

Additional Services Provided
Doo Doo Blues specializes in pet waste removal but offers deck cleaning, kitty litter service, and a yard deodorizer. We also have Doo Doo Removal products

If for any reason you are unhappy with your service we will refund all charges.