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About Us

Doo Doo Blues was started for the sole purpose of cleaning up our neighborhoods one yard at a time. My wife and I were sick and tired of having to worry about our dog’s waste when wanting to let the children play outside. So one day at my old job I decided to take action. I drew a funny picture, made a social media page, and “Doo Doo Blues” was born. We started out on Facebook just for giggles and within a couple of months, had a full-time business. We are friendly, professional, and are most notably living the American Dream as entrepreneurs. We strive for quality but also give the best and fair prices! So let Doo Doo Blues take care of the mess. We’ll pick it up, remove it properly, sanitize our tools to eliminate the spread of disease, and leave your friends and loved ones safe from these lovely little presents our four-legged children leave us!

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We’re #1 in the #2 Industry!
What Sets Us Apart?
  • Our ability to maintain a world-class relationship with our customers.
  • Our team is responsible, ethical, and has the ability to tackle any task.
  • A “no questions asked” guarantee that states if you have any issues whatsoever with your service you will receive a 100% refund.
  • Member & Insured through the Pet Sitters Association
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